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To play Ithuba PowerBall, you have to choose a combination of 5 numbers from 1 to 50 and 1 extra number from 1 to 20 or choose QuickPick and the Lottery processing system randomly chooses 6 lucky numbers for you.
The game results are drawn every Tuesday and Friday at 21:00 at Etv. During the broadcast, the 5 winning numbers from the set of 50 balls are drawn plus a bonus number.
You can play as many boards as you want as well choosing Multi-Draw option will allow you to play the same numbers over multiple draws.
Ticket sales close at 20:30.

PowerBall lotto results drawn every Tuesday and Friday at 21:00.

Div Matched Numbers Odds Pool Fund PowerBall Pool Fund PowerBall Plus Parimutuel % Prize % Payout %
1 Five Correct Numbers + POWERBALL 42,375,200 55,384,977 27,692,488 70.73% 54.46% 26.14%
2 Five Correct Numbers 2,230,274 214,106 107,053 5.19% 4.00% 1.92%
3 Four Correct Numbers + POWERBALL 188,334 11,300 5,650 3.25% 2.50% 1.20%
4 Four Correct Numbers 9,912 1,009 504 5.51% 4.24% 2.04%
5 Three Correct Numbers + POWERBALL 4,280 493 247 6.23% 4.80% 2.30%
6 Three Correct Numbers 225 22 11 5.19% 4.00% 1.92%
7 Two Correct Numbers + POWERBALL 299 22 11 3.90% 3.00% 1.44%
8 One Correct Numbers + POWERBALL 57 Fixed R15 Fixed R7.5 N/A 10.99% 5.27%
9 MATCH POWERBALL 35 Fixed R10 Fixed R7 N/A 12.01% 5.77%

Powerball Strategies

Although there are a ton of “methods” designed to beat the lotto from picking significant dates to using a lottery number generator software and even those who rely on magic spells. However if you are really serious about winning Powerball prizes then you will need a much more scientific approach.

However, you should note that professional lottery players have a different mindset to most other players. When they target the powerball with their techniques they are not aiming for the top prize.

Just like the techniques involved in other lotto games such as pick 6 or pick 3, the most successful Powerball strategies do not target the jackpot prize. Why is this?

Well would you prefer to win one big prize of, say, $5 million or would you prefer to win 100 prizes with each prize being worth $500,000?

Obviously you would want the 20 smaller wins because they equal $50 million!

Also win you win only once you run the risk of having to share your prize with other potential winners. If there were a lot of winners on the draw you won on then you may end of getting much less than you expected and maybe not even enough to retire

So How do You Win Powerball Prizes Consistently?

The key to winning on any game that is based on probability, such as any lottery game, is to devise a system that gives you the maximum number of chances of winning by using the laws of probability instead of letting them work against you.

Sounds pretty obvious I know but bear with me while I get a little technical and fully explain this concept (when it comes to actually playing using the system I am showing you don’t actually need to know the Math but it is good to understand how it works so you aren’t just relying on faith but can see the science at work).

The lottery, contrary to popular belief, is not really a game of luck. At least it is not just based purely on luck. You see the lotto is really a game that has a very solid foundation within the mathematics of probability.

Although the concept of probability is straight-forward and fairly easy to understand it can be a stretch and difficult for some people to understand the mechanics used to manipulate it. There is good news though.

The good news is that if you want to know how to win powerball prizes, or learn how to win the lottery in general, you do not need to understand the mechanics of manipulating probability – you just need to know how to use the mathematics of probability to your advantage!

Smart Strategies

So instead of going after just one big prize professional lotto players instead aim to win multiple medium prizes and a lot of smaller prizes consistently so they can build up their winnings over time.

Many lottery millionaires who admit to using a mathematical system have never won a jackpot prize in their lives. Instead they have built up their fortunes from multiple smaller wins which they have won over a period of time (and not all together). Of course there are also those who aimed for multiple jackpot wins as well but to win the jackpot multiple times does require luck even when you are using a scientifically based system (though you will have a much better chance than ordinary players).

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