Australia saturday lotto results

Australia saturday lotto results

Primitiva sábado 20 de abril 2019


En el sorteo de la Lotería Primitiva celebrado hoy sábado día 20 de abril de 2019

la combinación ganadora ha correspondido a los siguientes números:

4 – 40 – 19 – 44 – 2 – 45 Complementario 36 Reintegro 8

JOKER: 6200003

La recaudación del sorteo ascendió a 11.098.231,00 .-euros



Especial (6 + Reint.)          0                        BOTE

1ª (6)                                   0                       BOTE

2ª (5 + Compl.)                  4                   54.254,82

3ª (5)                                  141                 3.334,81

4ª (4)                                8.548                   88,86

5ª (3)                               172.152                 8,00

En el sorteo de La Primitiva de hoy no existen boletos acertantes de Categoría Especial (6 aciertos +
Reintegro), ni de Primera Categoría (6 aciertos), se genera un bote de 17.400.000,00.- euros.

De Segunda Categoría (5 aciertos + Complementario) existen CUATRO boletos acertantes que han sido
validados en la Administración de Loterías Nº 3 de BAZTÁN (Navarra), en la Nº 1 de RAFELBUÑOL
(Valencia), en el Despacho Receptor Nº 27.350 de PEDROCHES (Córdoba) y en el Nº 45.155 de

CATEGORÍAS                                                                      PREMIO
1ª (todas las cifras)                             6200003           1.000.000,00
2ª (6 primeras o últimas cifras) 620000- | -200003       10.000,00
3ª (5 primeras o últimas cifras) 62000– | –00003           1.000,00
4ª (4 primeras o últimas cifras)  6200— | —0003               300,00
5ª (3 primeras o últimas cifras)  620—- | —-003                   50,00
6ª (2 primeras o últimas cifras)   62—– | —–03                      5,00
7ª (primera o última cifra)            6—— | ——3                       1,00



B. Reducidas Euro millones REDUCIDAS DE EUROMILLONES

Boleto Rojo Reducidas REDUCIDAS DEL GORDO


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What are the latest Oz lotto results

Winning Numbers Support
32 25 22 24 18 10 6 41 45
26 16 7 23 6 4 33 10 8
12 9 36 22 40 21 6 27 2
37 39 31 22 17 13 20 41 40
7 9 17 22 37 36 43 8 39
12 28 24 29 9 18 25 13 31
40 41 13 6 14 22 28 18 17
36 28 27 7 37 9 25 14 21

Finally, you can
see that only number 22 has repeated more than twice. However, if have enough
time you can always check Oz lotto draws history to find more numbers.

It is important
that you discover as many numbers as possible to match the nine-digit

Maybe this represents too much work, but if you rely on the figures from the important date in your life, you’ll be able to assemble a combination with which you will increase the chances of winning the prize with the help of oz lotto results qld.

It would be good if they separated the nine main and two additional numbers since they are two different groups of numbers.

However, unlike the main numbers where only 22 were drawn three times, consider additional numbers only these ones were drawn 41 8 31.

Oz lottery tips

More experienced players will use different techniques to increase the chances of winning the prize with the help of tattslotto results oz lotto.

However, some will do so hoping that the game will be so much more interesting. Because sometimes it’s not all about winning money, but having fun, too.

The system allows you to select more than six numbers for each lottery game.

For instance, system 7 will allow you to select 7 numbers, while system 8 allows you to select numbers.

You can also choose 20 numbers, in other words, it is system 20, which is also logical by the name itself.

It takes a lot of time to be able to study all possible tactics with which you will have more chance to conquer several million dollars, if not more.

However don’t forget to cehck oz lotto results 1246.

In conclusion, it worths to spend some of the time for a few more zeros in your account.

Some players will opt for tactics known as hot numbers. This tactic was mentioned at the beginning when we talk about the latest results.

With the help of the latest results, you can find out which are the hot or most frequently drawn numbers.

It may take you more time, but when you know what is waiting for at the end, nothing is too difficult. So there is nothing left to you but shrug your sleeves and get on work.

In other words, it is time to study official statistics.

Winning the lotto with nsw Oz lotto results

It would be good to win a prize at Oz lotto since it offers great money fond. First of all, this lottery game guarantees a minimum prize of $ 2 million each Tuesday for Division 1.

There are 7 prize divisions, in other words, you can also win the prize if you guess one extra number and three main numbers.

However, to win a jackpot in Division 1 it is necessary to guess all seven numbers.

Also if there are no winners in Division 1 the prize will increase and the money will be transferred for the next draw.

You can choose numbers in several ways. In addition, you can explore the most frequently dialed numbers or prefer to opt for a combination of hot numbers and numbers from an important date.

When dialing numbers, it is important to put the even and odd numbers. According to recent research, in less than 3% of the winnings, there have been drawn only even or odd numbers.

Therefore, it is certainly not a good way to beat odds by reducing the chances of winning a jackpot at first.

Once you manage to win odds, you will be one of the lucky ones who suddenly got a lot of money at the account.

Finally, it’s important that you track the results all the time so you can immediately find out if you managed to guess all the numbers.

Be always in the process with the latest information.

Choosing the right games

can be seen, Lottomania provides wide range of different lotto games
that can be played. With all that you can straigtaway track daily
lotto results.

powerball lotto results, then oz lotto results and even russian lotto
results, you can track all latest lotto results, and even see the
lotto results today.

the same time while tracking results is fun, it is good to stay
informed about the game. Even more, you can easily see lotto results
history for all games.

For example, let’s say you want to follow french lotto results. In addition to that, you can easily see french lotto results history or france lotto results for yesterday and similar.

Above all, the thing that you need to be careful about is the currency in which comes the prize of the particular game. By all means, pay attention to that detail so you don’t get an otherwise uncomfortable surprise.

Games with higher prizes

the main prize, the jackpot is always changing accordingly to the
winners in the presently drawing. For that reason there is no fixed
jackpot prize, it ocasionally grows.

however, there is a starting amount of jackpot prize in some games.
Given that, we will start from that information and mention rollovers
additionally with the subject.

we will start with Mega Millions that has starting jackpot of $ 40
million. In addition to that, current estimated jackpot is $

Mega Millions always comes the Powerball. Presently estimated jackpot
for powerball lotto results is $ 235,000,000.

the third place there is a superenalotto which has a current
estimated jackpot on €
150,500,000. Therefore, hurry up and use the advantages of rollover
before someone took the prize.

that, we have euromillions results which jackpot is on €
17,000,000. In contrast, french lotto results raised their steak at €

more, we have uk lottery results holding their estimated current
jackpot at £ 7,800,000. And finally, we come to the eurojackpot
results which are surprisingly holding at € 90,000,000.

To sum up, the presently amounts of jackpot are constantly changing so, therefore, try to catch the drawings after rollovers.

Games with lower prizes

that these lottery games have lower prizes seems unappealing at
first. However, there are
many things to be
while playing.

example, the probability of winning particular game and similar.
Firstly, there comes the el gordo lotto results with their estimated
jackpot of € 6,600,000.

second place, there is oz lotto results holding their jackpot at A $
5,000,000. After oz lotto results, there are also australian lotto

clarify, we speak of australian powerball lotto results of course,
which are currently keeping their estimated jackpot at A $ 3,000,000.
After that, polish lotto results have PLN 10,000,000.

another case, la primitiva lotto results had estimated jackpot at €
23,500,000 and finally had someone who took the jackpot.

contrast, bonoloto had no winners of the jackpot and current
estimated amount is € 500,000. Not to mention saturday lotto
results which are now at A $ 20,000,000.

last in line but not the least important are mon & wed lotto
results currently standing at A $ 1,000,000. Obviously we didn’t
line them up accordingly to the amounts of current jackpot.

Above all, the amount of jackpot in the game is very important. But, however, it is better to win less and significantly increase the current budget than not win anything at all.

What are the presently French lotto results?

At this point, the French lottery results are not that great. And then again, on one hand, they also are.

Above all, unfortunately, there was no jackpot winner altogether. However, this means – an upcoming rollover!

For that reason, you should certainly prepare well for the following drawing.

To continue, the french lottery still had some happy winners nonetheless.

Most importantly, what you were waiting to know about are the french numbers or lotto draw results.

At this point, the french numbers were 3, 17, 23, 38 and 41.

Of course, not to forget aditionally picked number that is 3.

In general, that is french lotto latest results. Being that, make great french lotto prediction and hopefully, you will win the jackpot.

France lotto prediciton for today

By all means, we all want to know the presently predictions for our favourite french lottery.

In order to get those predictions of french lotto hot numbers, you certainly need to know how to finally do it.

First of all, the best way to get overall results would surely be to find altogether patterns within the drawings.

That is, among the previously published drawings altogether.

Straightaway, you will recognize some numbers that correspondingly repeat.

Not to mention, the type of numbers. For example, odd or even numbers.

With that in mind, you need to go through the previously drawings and search for anything moreover useful.

For instance, you can even go as far as french lotto results 2016 or french lotto results 2017.

French lotto hot numbers

In case you wonder what are the French lotto hot numbers, here is the answer.

Basically, those are just numbers that for some reason have been drawn more times than others.

For example, you will look in lotto draw results and from last few weeks or even more, years, and get the french lotto hot numbers.

In any case, those are the numbers that will help you make french lotto prediction.

Correspondingly, you can also find out what are french lotto hot and cold numbers online.

Moreover, no matter how you find them, they will help you to take the jackpot prize!

Following french lotto hot balls can also help you to stay within the game.

For that reason, in case you can’t follow french lottery live, visit Lottomania.

Oz lotto results how to play

there are so many new players, instructions on how to play are
evidently necessary.

On the
whole, you surely don’t need much of instructions because mainly,
everyone knows how these lottery games work.

all means, you know you need to choose your numbers and accordingly
wait for the lotto results sa or others.

you will likewise see do any of your numbers match and see what is
your prize accordingly.

important, some games have many prize tiers so even if you matched
just 4 numbers you will still get an oz lottery prize.

basically in lotto oz you choose 7 numbers and then, 2 additonally

key point is that all lotteries differ in how many numbers you have
in overall combination.

example, saturday lotto or xlotto requires choosing only 6 numbers in

that does not mean that you will have bigger chances in one or other.

Generally, there are other things that have an overall influence on this besides how many numbers is in combination altogether.

How many numbers to win?

key point, is certainly that you need to match all of the numbers in
order to win the jackpot.

to win any prize at all, you need to match only 4 numbers altogether.

On the
whole, that is, 3 main numbers and one aditionally picked.

Not to
mention, in case you match 4 main numbers only, you will get even
better prize altogether!

In case
you didn’t know, there are thousands of players who win in every
single draw.

For that
reason, in case you don’t win in the first try, try again because
you will win sooner or later.

these points, in case you want a jackpot, you must match 7 main

In case
you miss one and guess one additionally chosen instead, you will
still get a great prize.

a doubt, lotto sa has something for everyone. Likewise, try to put
some effort to win.

there are many great prize tiers that offer larger amounts.

When do I know I won sa lotteries?

general, you will know as soon as the draw has taken place.

in case you are not able to moreover watch
the oz lotto draw, you can accordingly see the results later.

By all
means, you can use the option of nsw lotteries check my ticket.

On the
other hand, you can also visit the results page and correspondingly
see for yourself.

a doubt, lotto sa can be checked at any time you want. For that
reason, you should certainly choose online lottery.

more, the results are updated immediately after the draw has taken

this in mind, you should correspondingly compare it and you will see
why is online lotto check ticket better.

What if you win French lotto results?

In case you win France lotto results, well, you will certainly be happy.

Likewise, you also need to be careful not to make any irrational decisions.

For example, some players have spent their money on others. In contrast, some have spent on themselves.

However, with that term ‘spending’ we mean that they literally spent all of it and went bankrupt.

For that reason, you need to take proper steps to not likewise lose all of your money.

Players who won

Certainly, there is much more players who won this lottery than you think.

Not to mention, those who overall chose to stay anonymous.

For that reason, it is hard to tell how they exactly got those numbers and specifically what strategy they used.

In general, it might be a france lotto quick pick. But, then again, it might be a research of french lotto history.

However, you can still at least know that relying on latest french lotto results will help you to increase odds altogether.

French lotto lucky numbers

Given these points, as shown above, winning french lotto lucky numbers is not always a good thing.

However, it depends only on you will it be a good or eventually bad thing.

On one hand, french lottery will give you a financial freedom while again, this french lotto game will stress you out.

Most important, is that how you handle things altogether.

In case you stay calm and make overall rational decisions, you certainly won’t have any issues.

Past Oz Lotto Results

As shown
above, you can accordingly see your presently
ozz lotto
sa straightaway here.

Another key point, you can go very far. In general, you can see oz lotto draw from a few months back.

Not to mention, this is very
useful specifically because you can pick up your lotto sa prizes

that depends on the country of your residency. For that reason, you
should use check my ticket lotto option straightaway.

For example, some areas have a
deadline of 60 days to pick up your ozlotto prize.

In contrast, there are others
where you can also pick up your oz lotto prize even a year later.

But, Above all, that is surely something to pay attention to. That is if you can’t check ozlottoresults sooner.

Latest lotto results

In like fashion, you can check
latest of nsw lotto or any other accordingly.

Not to mention, tattersalls.
In general, you can see many info from tatts sa lotto here.

Now that you did your oz
lotto ticket check, you can finally be sure what prize is yours.

Finally, you will accordingly
find out what did you win.

At this point, it might be a
jackpot you waited for a long time. Likewise, you might even win a
second prize which is also great.

How to check oz lotto results?

In order to use the option oz
lotto check my ticket, you simply altogether write your numbers.

That is, specifically, your
combination on the ticket you previously purchased.

In general, that will
straightaway show you how many numbers did you matched altogether.

Not to mention, this aus lotto
is a game with very great odds.

In like manner, xlotto is also one of the great games which accordingly has great prizes.

For that reason, you can also see the presently x lotto results.

basically, if you want to check any of the results yourself, you can
simply go to the results page of accordingly lotto game.

example, if you want to know your ozlott results you pick the oz
lotto and go to its results page.

How to use Oz lotto results for winning

First of all,
avoid seven consecutive numbers. Six or seven consecutive numbers have never
been drawn.

However, five
consecutive numbers are rarely drawn.

Never make a
choice of seven numbers in one group of numbers. In other words, it is unlikely
that all seven numbers from one group will be drawn.

Also, avoid the
combination of numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. However, the most popular group of
numbers that many choose is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7.

Now calculate how
many thousands of sold tickets are for the same combination. However, if you
can win a big jackpot you may pay off this combination.

In other words,
if you are not the only winner, if there is a division of awards and several
million dollars, that will be a decent amount of money that will be on your

Experts advise
you to avoid multiple numbers. For instance, popular combinations such as
30-35, 5-10, 20-25 and 15-20.

Finally, it is up to you to decide whether to listen to these tips or to rely on your instincts.

Above all, every lottery game has to be fun, and even if you manage to win a lot of money this will be the sugar at the end.

Best lottery strategy

Many players like
to play combinations like 33-42-23-13-3. In just 0.1% of all drawings, there
are four same last digits.

The winning
numbers of three-digit numbers appear in less than 3% of all drawings.

The winning
number sets with one last digit refer to 90% of all drawings.

Avoid low number
combinations, in other words, many players like to play by calendar numbers,
for instance, anniversaries and birth dates.

In other words, the most represented numbers are from 1 to 31. However, if you play only numbers by the calendar, you can share the jackpot with dozens of other winners.

While you may not be able to choose personal numbers, it is advised to include high numbers so that if your numbers are drawn, you might win a worthwhile prize.

Lotto Quick Picks

Quick Pick is
usually used by lazy people who want to win money without investing a lot of

Therefore, if
you’ve ever read a jackpot winner article, it seems that most have used a quick
pick, or has chosen numbers by important dates.

Research has shown that many players are using the same method. However, if most of the tickets where the numbers are picked by the quick pick, it is logical that you should try to win the jackpot exactly with this method.

In conclusion, whether you chosen numbers by yourself or you have given it a quick pick if you are lucky your numbers will be drawn.

Oz lotto results how to win

In case
you are a new player, you might not be familiar with all you need to
overall win.

That is,
in general, how to choose numbers and things like that.

example, there are ways in which you can help yourself to win that
aus lotto game once for all.

By all
means, you can use this for saturday lotto or xlotto as well.

So, there are basically two steps in making the overall combination. However, you can certainly choose your alternative path.

This is, above all, just a piece of advice. Most important is to be confident with your numbers.

For that
reason, read and research but use what suits you the best.

To point out, there are lists of the most common number available all over the internet.

So, how
do you start? First of all, you should surely have something to write
down the numbers.

you can moreover head for the following text below.

Pick your lucky numbers

First of
all, you need to pick your numbers. In general, those could be
moreover the most common numbers.

like manner, you can also choose the most common pairs. Most
important, choose what makes sense to you.

Not to
mention, you can also pick your lucky numbers and still win in lotto

more, you can accordingly use this even for powerball lotto results.

all, be careful to pick a few numbers more than you need so you can
correspondingly prepare for the next step.

a doubt, you can likewise just skip this step.

On the
whole, the most important thing is the combination altogether.

Make your winning combination

Now that
you have chosen your numbers altogether, you can finally make the
overall combination.

you need to see what are the patterns in the previous drawings.

general, try to recognize some of them and place your numbers

course, you can always just also skip this step and do by your own.

However, this is statistically the best way to do this. For that reason, give it a try, there is nothing to lose.

you can use the 2/3 scheme. In general, that can be arranged by how
many numbers you have altogether.

On the
whole, that means using 2 odd numbers and 3 even or opposite.

example, most of the drawings are an exact combination of those two.

there are numerous ways to get the lottery results.

general, 0z lotto can also be played in like manner. For example, you
can even figure out a pattern we missed.

As shown
above, the thing with odd and even numbers appears very obvious.

when it comes to other ones, they are correspondingly, much harder to

there might be specifically some number that gets drawn every few
weeks and nobody noticed.

In case
you have time for that, you should certainly keep an eye on it.

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